Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions form part of the agreement between you and International Job Center

under Chamber of Commerce number: 642.811.67, located at the Poortland 80, 1046 BD

Amsterdam, regarding the use of all products and services (the "Services") of IJC described in these

terms and conditions, the agreement and the use of the website www.interjobcenter.eu.



By using the website and / or amenities offered by IJC, the user agrees to these Terms and

Conditions. International Job Center has the right, without prior notice, to amend these terms and

conditions and / or supplement. Modifications and / or additions occurred in that case effect




International Job Center is a job board with the aim to bring employers and job seekers in contact

with each other.


The website contains references (for example through a hyperlink, banner or button) to third party

websites. International Job Center has no control over such sites. International Job Center is not

responsible for the content of these websites.



1. User shall refrain from conduct contrary to these Terms and Conditions or the Dutch legislation.

2. The use of the website by the user and the email traffic between users takes place at your own


3. International Job Center is not responsible for any viruses transmitted by a user or received email.

4. User shall only use the website and made available therein (personal) information for the purpose

for which it was intended, namely placing jobs and sending e-mails to other users where this takes

place within the framework of a job application or recruitment.

5. It is not allowed users to use the site other than the purpose for which it was intended.

Below a not limitative list:

 - The unsolicited sending of e-mails to other users who are not related to the contact between

employers and candidates with regard to jobs or applications;

 - Selecting and using data from other users for purposes other than specified;

 - Hindering other users to use the website or hindering the website to operate.



User is aware that the website or sent e-mails are containing personal data of other users and will

treat them confidential. User will comply with the provisions in their use of the applicable Dutch law

and regulations and the Privacy Statement.


Jobs and company presentations

Clients can use the administration panel to post a job and / or to present them self’s and are

therefore fully responsible for the placed text and / or logos.

International Job Center has always the right to refuse jobs or business presentations. This may

include in particular jobs, which do not expressly refer to a so-called employment context or


Other reasons to refuse or delete, but are not limited, are:

- Placing jobs for homework or Multi-level marketing;

- Placing incorrect, incomplete or intentionally misleading (company) information;

- Doing discriminatory, offensive and / or hurtful statements;

- Placing texts that are contrary to the Equal Treatment Act;

International Job Center reserves the right to modify or delete texts at their discretion.

If a vacancy is refused by International Job Center, and the fee for placing the vacancy has already

been paid by the client, will be sought in consultation for an appropriate solution. In an extreme

case, International Job Center may decide to proceed with a refund (a portion) of the consideration

paid, but they may be required to do so in any way.


Prices and payment

All prices quoted on Interjobcenter.eu for products and services offered are in euros, excluding

VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise. International Job Center is entitled without prior notice and

with immediate effect to revise the rates.

For payment of goods and services, such as placing vacancies, client will receive an invoice by email

or post. Client must pay it within the payment period indicated on the invoice.

If the placement of a job before reaching maturity will be removed by the client, such as when a job

is completed, automatically extinguishes the right placement for the remaining period. All this

without the right to refund.


Intellectual Property

The (intellectual property) rights relating to the website, including but not limited to the copyright in

the text, images, design, images and software are owned by International Job Center except the

materials supplied by clients in connection with the placement of a vacancy and / or company.


Logos of clients, made available by the customer remain the property of the client. International Job

Center reserves the right to edit these logos in size for use on the website. By the provision of a logo,

this client gives tacit consent.

The user is not authorized, without the prior permission of International Job Center, to make any

changes on the website, reproduce, distribute, transmit, reproduce or otherwise.



International Job Center is entitled without prior notice to make the system (temporarily) or to limit

its use to the extent necessary for the maintenance requirements or to carry out modifications or

improvements to the system without any right for compensation from the client or user against

International Job Center arises.



The content of the Interjobcenter.eu website is compiled with great care and ongoing

maintenance. Nevertheless it is possible that the information on the website is incorrect or


International Job Center cannot guarantee that the website is accurate, complete and current, also

including the specified candidates (personal) information including CVs.



The total liability of International Job Center grounds of breach is limited to direct damages up to an

amount equal to the fee that the client has complied with International Job Center.

International Job Center is not liable for indirect damages, including consequential damages, lost

profits, lost savings, loss due to business interruption, loss due to loss of data or any other damage.

International Job Center accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss arising from use of the website

and / or services by the client or user and for any consequences thereof, including faults in the

network performance problems and inaccessibility of the site. The Client will indemnify International

Job Center for any and all claims of third parties in connection with texts and data that the client has

placed on the website.



Customer acknowledges that it has access to confidential information of International Job Center.

Client undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of this sensitive data. The Client will always treat

this information confidentially and do not disclose and / or reproduced without the express

permission of the person seeking employment or International Job Center. Confidential information

also includes the credentials that are made available to users by Interjobcenter.eu to access

administration pages.



International Job Center always has the right to reject users or block access to the website or any

part of the website. International Job Center will immediately proceed to remove a job and exclusion

of the responsible user if:

- There has been misuse of the site or otherwise abuse of the facilities offered by International Job


- Job Centre International has serious concerns about the integrity of user;

- There is repeated violation of one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes will be submitted to the

competent court in the District of Amsterdam.